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2003 Ultima GTR - Worlds Fastest Kit Car! Spy in Dallas, Tx

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spotted this on the way home one day !@ The Ultima GTR is a sports car manufactured by Ultima Sports Ltd of Hinckley, Leicestershire, England, and described by commentators as a supercar.[1][2] The car is available both in kit form and as a "turnkey" (i.e. assembled by the factory) vehicle. The des

Westfield Sport 2000 - Kit Completed

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A Video showing my completed Westfield Sport 2000. 360 Degree view of the finished car and it's first outings out onto the road. See the whole build diary on

Ultima GTR 640 - kit-to-car build in six minutes

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Slideshow construction of my GTR. 450 hours condensed into six minutes of photos, from bare chassis to final car. Music by Joe Satriani.

Westfield Kit Car Build - Module 4

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John Wright is building a Westifled Kit Car - in this clip he is on 'Module 4'

Dax Tojeiro "Black Mamba" - Clean and ready for the summer

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Dax Tojeiro, build by DB Replicas - 350 Small Block Chevy

Westfield Kit Car

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John Wright is at the Westfield car factory hoping to test drive a kit car and gets quite a shock when he learns he has to build one first. After being taken on a tour of the factory and given a fantastic insight into the company, Wright learn how exactly the cars are built.

Westfield Kit Car Build - Module 2

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John Wright is building a Westfield Kit Car. Today he is doing Module 2

Westfield Kit Car Build - Engine

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John Wright is back in Build a Car Right. Today he is installing the engine into the Westfield Kit Car.

(Dax) AC Cobra sound

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Cobra plus junge Männer kann nur einen fetten sound abgeben.=)

2x Dax Cobra 427 - Brutal V8 Sounds!

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During a good cause event, I have recorded 2 blue Dax Cobra's 427. The Dax Cobra is a kit based replica of the original AC Cobra 427. Both cars are fitted with a V8 engine. In this video you can see the car in action on Dutch roads and hear the brutal sound of the V8 engine. Follow me: 1st Channel

My Dax Cobra at John Sleath Race cars

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On the rolling road after fitting FAST XFI fuel injection over the winter, Chevy 383 - 400 RWHP,

Building an AC Cobra Replica.wmv

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Quick build up sequence for a Dax 427 AC Cobra replica. This is a UK replica of the fabled Shelby 427 Cobra. Not intended to be a close copy of the original, the car uses a 6.3litre Chevrolet V8 with a 5 speed manual box. Painted in Lexus Spectra blue with white racing stripes.