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The Ultima has been designed, developed and tested over a period of years to be assembled in a single garage by a complete novice who has no previous mechanical or engineering expertise. All the parts are included in the kit down to the last washer, expert guidance is available at every stage, an excellent build manual in CD format is supplied and a build advice line is linked directly to the factory to be answered by a team of expert Ultima builders. As far as our team is concerned there is no such thing as a daft question and in fact any questions that are raised go towards improving the build manual.

Basically prior to delivery to the customer the factory has carried out the work on any part that requires workshop facilities to assemble it. For instance Items like the uprights are supplied with all the bearings pressed in and hubs completely assembled ready to simply bolt to the wishbones. All the aluminium panels are cut to size and all the folds in the panels are pre-formed by the factory. Even the holes for the luggage access have been laser cut to simplify the build. Also all the brackets that are required to fit components are laser cut, bent and formed by the factory ready to bolt onto the car. In short this is a complete self-assembly supercar.

As all the engineering and welding work has been carried out by the factory then consequently the list of equipment that is required to assemble an Ultima is made up of simple hand tools that can be purchased for under GBP200 from any motor factors.

However the most important feature on the Ultima is that all the parts that we supply in the kit are new items that have been specifically designed for the car to fit and be compatible with each other plus they have all been extensively tested to prove they all work with sensational results. Indeed the Ultima has been officially proven to be the fastest supercar in the world with an appropriate power unit.

Should you have any concerns over items like fitting the bodywork then the factory can carry this operation out for you and in fact at any stage the factory could take over a part of your build if desired, though in practice this has not been necessary in the past.

We are very conscious that we are selling a leisure pursuit and therefore will do everything in our power to make your supercar build a pleasurable experience resulting in a car to be proud of.

We also offer a free of charge option to UK customers whereby we will spend a day checking over a customer built vehicle at the factory for total peace of mind (offer only applicable to the original purchaser of the chassis and within a timeframe of 8 weeks of being road registered, otherwise this is a chargeable service). The checklist that we use is made available to overseas customers so that they can carry out their own inspection.

If you still have any doubts about how straightforward it is to assemble the Ultima or are interested in exploring a potential purchase further please do not hesitate to phone our office on 01455 631366 and we will be delighted to arrange a mutually convenient date for a visit to the factory. During your visit it will be our pleasure to show you around several cars under various stages of construction, examine the quality of the parts that we supply, study the comprehensive build manual and take you out as a passenger in one of the demonstrators on some local roads so that you can soak up the Ultima experience first hand.


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November 13, 2014


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